3 ways alerts & auto-barring can prevent surprises and reduce your mobile bills

If you’re experiencing additional charges outside your bundle, with no prior warning or options until your bill has been received, then you have a problem. Luckily, it doesn’t need to be this way.

First up, what are alerts and auto-barring?

Alerts and auto-barring enable the administrator responsible for your company’s mobile devices to gain greater visibility and control over the business’ mobile usage and spend.

Alerts can be set up to let your mobile administrator know when a device’s allowance is running low.

Auto-barring will automatically help prevent you exceeding this limit and accruing additional charges.

Don’t the networks offer this anyway?

Yes – most networks offer a simplified version of this, but it’s not tailored to the needs of business users. For example, the networks will only send alerts when you have reached pre-set limits which are defined by them (usually when you’ve used 80% of your usage limit, and then again once you’ve reached it), and will only send a message to the device user, leaving the actual bill-payer in the dark. 

Our custom alerts and auto-barring provide much more flexibility, keeping you better informed and putting you firmly in control of your mobile insight and expenditure. 

So, what are the advantages?


Alerts enable you to keep an eye on your allowance and be alerted if you’re nearing its limits. The administrator can set the data usage thresholds at which alerts will be generated, and alerts can be sent straight to the administrator to keep them in the loop.


These features give you the choice on how to manage your company’s mobile use. The administrator can choose the point at which auto-barring is triggered, for example when the usage threshold is reached, or at a defined point beyond this. This point can be set on an individual user basis, or as a standard limit across all devices, giving you choice on who is authorised to spend over the allowance, and by how much. 


Having alerts and auto-barring in place enables you to authorise any additional spends centrally, putting you in control of the decision over any further expenditure. They also prevent individual users from choosing to go over their allowance without the administrator’s authorisation. Since any additional spend needs to be approved by the administrator, it means you’ll never find unexpected fees on your bill.

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