91% of cyber attacks start via email.

4 Quick Tips to Boost Your Email Security

When we attended the Managed Services & Hosting Summit last month, it was mentioned that 91% of cyber attacks start via email. And the worst thing about this figure? We’re not surprised.

As this statistic so clearly shows, simply advising staff not to open suspect emails or click links isn’t enough. With methods such as spoofing becoming increasingly sophisticated, identifying dangerous emails at a glance is not always straightforward & leaves plenty of room for human error, so utilising technology to help remove the risk is imperative. 

Speaking to our in-house email security experts, we’ve put together these top 4 easy tips to help boost your email security in a couple of hours. It will of course take a lot longer than that to ensure robust, ongoing email security, but these quick tips are a good place to start (and you’re probably doing some of them already)! 

1. Change your email password

If you haven’t got a system set up to ensure staff change their passwords regularly, now’s the time. A common problem is that people have too many passwords to remember, so alternate between the same two or three passwords, or simply tweak an existing one. Unfortunately, this leaves a hole in your email security. 

Instead, try the “three random words” concept as a good starting point, in order to generate a secure password that is still easy to remember.  

2. Install antivirus & malware software on all company devices

When it comes to emails, check your current software will work to protect you from spam, malware, spoofing, viruses & phishing at the very least. You should also consider encryption if you share sensitive data such as Personal Identifiable Information (PII) via email. Utilising TLS for secure email transmission, and controls such as SPF, DKIM and DMARC to prevent your domains being used for fraudulent emails, will also help protect you further. These are all things we can help with if you don’t have the time or manpower to instigate & maintain them.

3. Download software & app updates as soon as they are available

Shockingly, only 36% of SMEs patch their machines, so it’s no wonder that 74% of SMEs reported a security breach in the last year. 

Proactive management of patching can take a surprising amount of time but is hugely important (which is why we offer this as a dedicated service). If the worst happens and a dangerous link is clicked, having the latest software and security updates installed on your machine will give you the best chance.

4. Train your staff

Recent figures suggest that 55% of UK workers have not received training on how to identify, prevent or respond to a cyber attack, with 19% not sure that they could identify a phishing email. 

With such a high percentage of cyber attacks starting via email, untrained staff pose a huge risk. Conversely, staff who know what red flags to look out for & who have protocols in place for reporting suspicious emails, can provide a valuable front line defence for your business. 

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As part of our Intelligent Security service, we can offer a tailored email security solution to monitor & maintain your security on an ongoing basis. Choose from our range of managed security options which can include data & email security, antivirus & firewalls, encryption, network security, patching & updates, mobile security, plus a number of other options to suit your requirements. By monitoring and managing these areas 24/7, potential risks are flagged and dealt with by our dedicated team of experts, giving you proactive support & peace of mind.

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