Is managing your mobiles like herding cats?

7 features to get your mobiles under control

If your business mobiles are running rings around you with unexpected charges, unauthorised apps and security risks, these 7 features available from PSU can help you bring them firmly back into line. Managing your mobiles doesn't have to be like herding cats.

1. Alerts

  • Provides users and administrator with visibility
  • Know when you’re running low on data or overspending on unbundled calls
  • Stay in control by choosing alert thresholds

2. Auto-Barring

  • Stops you from running up excess charges
  • Enables you to control costs
  • Only an administrator can approve additional spend

3. App Management

  • Gives control over how devices are used
  • Protects against unauthorised apps
  • Ensures security and control of company data

4. Security

  • Reduces malware risk
  • Provides monitoring to prevent threats
  • Helps keep devices and data secure

5. Asset Management

  • Gives visibility and control of all devices from central online interface
  • Provides a real-time view of your mobile environment
  • Offers reports and charts to provide clear information

6. Appropriate Tariffs

  • Find a tariff suited to your requirements
  • One size does not fit all
  • Reduce unnecessary expenditure

7. Online Billing

  • Easy access to our online billing platform, keeping you in control
  • Quick and convenient
  • Gives a clear overview of your spending

Need help showing your mobiles who's boss?

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