Managed IaaS may offer the perfect solution

Has the Covid-19 situation highlighted issues with your ageing and out-of-date IT infrastructure?

A shift to Infrastructure-as-a-Service can address these challenges and offer a number of benefits.

For many businesses, the current situation has really brought home the risks of having on-premise systems. When your server is no longer within arm’s reach, when the server cupboard next door is now a car journey away, or when the basement comms room isn’t just a walk downstairs, you realise how vulnerable your setup can be.  A hosted infrastructure will help.


Explaining Infrastructure-as-a-Service

One easy way to explain how as-a-Service works is in terms of Pizza-as-a-Service. This checklist shows everything you would have to do to cook a pizza (blue ticks) and what a provider would do for you (green ticks). As you can see, IaaS means you just need to bring the ingredients – the whole kitchen is ready to go.

Plus there are 3 other key questions to consider.

1 Are you reliant on a legacy system?

Having these on-premise could leave you at risk of cyber-attack, so you’ll need a solution which can keep your systems in use without compromising your security.

Managing legacy systems can also be a nightmare in itself, but sometimes it’s not possible to update or find appropriate alternatives for business-critical systems, so it’s important that you find a solution which will ease the risk this presents.

2 Is your hardware too old?

It’s important to keep your business competitive and efficient by having the most up-to-date kit. If it’s time to replace your equipment, it’s important to consider the different options available to you, as owning physical kit can represent a financial investment which will only decrease in value.

3 Is worrying about updates keeping you up at night?

Assuming you can access it, keeping your hardware and software up to date can still pose a significant logistical challenge and financial burden. Your time and budget could be better spent on other more business-focused IT projects, so removing the headache of needing to undertake constant updates could improve your whole operation.

All of these challenges can be solved with Reliance 2 - PSU’s Managed IaaS solution.

What is Reliance 2?

Reliance 2 is our Managed IaaS solution. It is an enhanced version of IaaS in which we don’t just host your infrastructure, but manage it too. This not only saves you valuable time but also ensures it is kept safe and up to date, removing the burden from your IT team.

Reliance 2

This diagram shows the benefits of Reliance 2 compared to standard as-a-Service offerings.

If your infrastructure is ageing, out of date, or relies on legacy systems, a move to Reliance 2 would reduce your financial and security risks while improving operational efficiency and removing the headache of managing constant updates.

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