With data security a hot topic, it's time to consider your preparedness.

Are you spending enough on cyber security?

How much is your business investing?

With GDPR being introduced this month, the security of business’ data is a hot topic across all industries. But what are you doing about it? Should you be investing in cyber security or is this all a storm in a teacup?

The issue of cyber security affects both the public and private sector, and recent stats from local authorities provide a worrying example which is likely to also be reflected in other sectors. 

Sector Snapshot: Local Authorities

In April 2018, £1.5m government funding was announced to help local authorities put measures in place to protect against cyber security threats. Sounds good, right? But just how much investment is needed?

This funding announcement follows a report published in February by privacy campaign group Big Brother Watch, which highlighted some concerning statistics on cyber security in local councils, especially around the issue of staff training. 

This insight is likely to be echoed in all sectors, as human error is the number one cause of cyber attacks – and humans work in every industry!

So, how do these local authority figures compare to your business? Is the funding enough? Check out the infographic below and see what you think.

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