Are you thinking about your Backup? Start thinking Recovery

When thinking about backup, recovery time might be the most important feature.

How quickly you can recover your backed-up data will determine how fast your organisation can get back to working. 

How much time do you currently lose when you have to restore files or systems?  

And that’s not the only question you need to consider: 

  • Do you waste precious time each day on manual backups to tapes and physical media?
  • Do you know what’s being backed up? And, more importantly, what’s not?
  • Have you thought about all your applications?
  • How easily can you access archive data?
  • How secure is your backup?

Our recommended solution offers secure cloud backup with super fast recovery, which avoids the risks associated with other options. So, what are these risks? We outline them in more depth below.

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How much of your data is protected?

On average, organisations only protect 38% of their data, leaving them susceptible to threats such as ransomware. You may be surprised to discover the amount of your data which is not currently backed up. This other 62% of data may currently be on laptops, memory sticks, stored on discs in archive rooms, and not easily trackable or recoverable in the event of a disaster.

It’s important to consider how, when and where your data is backed up, and how secure this process and location is.

Find out how you can identify at-risk data

Still relying on removable media and hardware to run your backups?

This poses a risk, especially in situations where staff are working from home without day-to-day access to your company’s premises. Time which could be better spent on other IT projects is also wasted on moving files manually to and from physical media.

If your current setup relies on members of staff remembering to take backups and storing backup data on-premises, there are a lot of potential points of risk or failure. An automated, cloud-based solution can help mitigate these.

Learn more about automated cloud backup

Is your Office 365 data at risk?

SaaS services such as Office 365 are increasingly the target of malware and phishing attacks, with Microsoft the most impersonated brand in the world.

Backup, recovery and data protection for the data within these services are often an afterthought, despite being vital for data security, compliance and business continuity. In fact, Microsoft explicitly recommend using a third-party backup solution to protect your Office 365 data in Clause 6 of the Microsoft Services Agreement.

Clause 6 of the Microsoft Services Agreement.

“6b. ... We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.”

Clause 6 of the Microsoft Services Agreement.

Discover how Office 365 can be backed up safely


Our backup solution

The 4-in-1 suite from Redstor is our primary back up solution that we recommend to customers.

Our recommended all-in-one backup, recovery and archiving solution solves all of these challenges. It is a cost-effective, comprehensive option which can significantly reduce risk and save you time.
It enables you to identify unforeseen areas of risk, select additional data for backup and ensure you’ll always be able to recover data when you need it.
The solution also includes unique InstantData technology which enables you to eliminate downtime by streaming recoveries on demand, providing instant access to the data you need without having to wait for the full recovery to complete.

About Redstor

Redstor is disrupting the world of data management with pioneering technology, which provides borderless visibility and on-demand access to all your data, wherever it is stored, through a single control centre.

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