Likely service improvements will be good news for those attracted to SIP.

BT’s £42m Fine Paves Way to Increased SIP Adoption

Following on from BT’s announcement to legally separate from Openreach, Ofcom has just imposed its largest ever fine on the telecoms giant.

BT’s been hit with a £42m penalty, due to Openreach’s failure to complete many of its Ethernet services and installations on time. It’s also been ordered to pay £300m to other telecoms providers, having insufficiently compensated them for the late delivery of services.

With more pressure on Openreach, the fine should help improve services and have a positive impact on the installation of data circuits underpinning IP, which is good news for those attracted to SIP.

There are many business drivers for switching to SIP, from greater cost savings and efficiencies to increased agility, enhanced scalability and business continuity.

Now There’s Even More Reasons to Move from ISDN to SIP

  • ISDN price increases: with BT recently raising the cost of its ISDN services by around 6% and many other providers expected to follow, switching to SIP now is even more enticing.
  • Future cost uncertainties around Carrier Pre-Selection (CPS) voice services: currently many firms save money through CPS voice services, which allow them to select alternative ways of re-routing their telephone calls. With Ofcom’s plan to deregulate the market later this year, this would mean less guarantees on cost savings, as network operator BT would have the freedom to charge what it likes to providers and businesses. Moving to IP services would remove that uncertainly
  • Benefits of VoIP and Hosted Services: with a SIP network in place you’re more easily able to adopt VoIP and hosted services

We’ve helped many businesses to make the move from ISDN to SIP and improve their telecoms performance, agility and resilience.

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Ten Reasons to Switch to SIP

With BT's switch off of ISDN in 2025, now's the time to look at SIP


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