BT Mitel customers switching to PSU's Maintenance & Support

More BT Mitel customers are enquiring about our phone system support, looking for better quality of service.

Having been attracted to BT, their customers could be paying a premium for Mitel Maintenance. And with BT juggling support across multiple phone system brands, their customers are less likely to receive the same service quality and response times that a fully focused Mitel partner can provide.

Spreading support can dilute engineering expertise. Also depending how they bought their phone system from BT, customers could find they’re supported by an independent BT Local Business engineer, rather than direct BT staff.

Large corporate entities like BT are unlikely to deliver a truly bespoke service. Something we’ve seen with customers who have moved their Mitel support over to us. On many occasions when we’ve been carrying out their free Systems Health Check, we’ve witnessed poorly configured phone systems, inadequately set up to support the way their business operates. Or over configured causing systems to sit in an alarm state.

Unlike the templated approach that BT engineers often use, we take the time to fully understand your environment. We’ll tailor our service, so your system’s always best configured to the way you work.

As a long-established Mitel partner, we’re experts in maintaining their phone systems and dedicated to delivering the results business’s need.

If you’re unhappy with the Mitel Maintenance service you’re receiving, we can give you better support.

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