Shaking up the UK broadband market

BT Openreach separation

BT announced an agreement to make Openreach a separate company.

The move follows Ofcom’s long term review of the UK communications market, amid concerns that Openreach may have been favouring BT, rather than providing equal access and terms to other internet providers.

The development could see more investment for the move away from copper lines and a faster rollout of fibre, as well as a hopeful increase in customer service from Openreach.

What are the changes to Openreach?

  • It will have its own brand, board, budget and strategy
  • 32, 000 staff will become legal employees of the new company
  • However, Openreach will remain a wholly owned subsidiary of BT, with the chairman reporting to BT’s chief executive

Even as we wait for the Openreach changes to take effect, we’ll continue to deliver our personalised service and quality support.

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