Cheltenham Animal Shelter Christmas donation 2020

We’re delighted to be supporting Cheltenham Animal Shelter with a Christmas donation for a twelfth year.

As a company of animal-lovers, and with the shelter based less than a mile from our Cheltenham HQ, our annual festive donation is an important Christmas tradition for PSU.

Facing the challenges of 2020

Taking in around 600 dogs, cats and small animals each year, the shelter relies on donations, fundraising events and money raised from its on-site veterinary surgery, pet shop, charity shop, grooming and boarding facilities, which have all suffered significantly this year.

With lockdowns pausing animal rehoming, another sad effect of the pandemic has been that many animals have had to stay at the shelter longer than hoped. However, staff have worked tirelessly to use this extra time to offer additional behavioural support and enrichment activities for the animals, to give them the best possible chance of being successfully rehomed when the shelter has been able to open.

Cheltenham Animal Shelter - PSU Xmas Donation

Kerys from the Kennel Team is joined by Lara, a 12 year old hound who's just been reserved to join a lovely family. Lara licks her lips when the shelter's General Manager Peter shows her PSU's Christmas donation.

Looking ahead to 2021

While the number of animals currently at the shelter is lower than usual, with about 50 rather than the typical 100, it is anticipated that this will change significantly in the next year. There has been a huge increase in pet ownership in the country this year, as more people have been working from home and felt able to take on a pet. 

However, as people return to workplaces over the next year, this is projected to lead to increased separation anxiety in animals who have become used to having their owners at home, as well as people finding they no longer have the time to look after pets once normal life resumes. The shelter is therefore anticipating a surge in animals being surrendered to them over the following year, which will put the charity under additional strain.

The shelter has also highlighted a petition which has been set up in response to a recently commissioned BBC3 programme "Will My Puppies Make Me Rich?", which has raised concerns over glamorising puppy breeding and associated potential animal welfare issues.

Community initiatives

As well as rehoming abandoned and surrendered animals, the animal shelter also offers a range of programmes to our local community.

Along with pet care education, other programmes include shelter animals visiting local care homes, working with at-risk or disengaged young people, and helping children with low reading confidence.

Cheltenham Animal Shelter

How You Can Help

Cheltenham Animal Shelter is currently holding an online Festive Fayre, which includes a gift shop, stocking filler appeal for the animals, raffle and virtual pet show.

Visit the online Festive Fayre here.

To find out more about adopting an animal, you can contact the shelter on 01242 523521, or visit

Stocking filler appeal

Cheltenham Animal Shelter

Cheltenham Animal Shelter is a charity that has been helping animals since 1926. The shelter rescues and re-homes unwanted and abandoned stray cats, dogs and small animals from across Gloucestershire, with over 600 animals passing through their doors each year.

Visit the Cheltenham Animal Shelter website

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