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The cost and frustration of trying to keep their software licensing compliant for workstations, servers and network devices is a massive issue for businesses.

Nearly 80% of small and medium enterprises don’t have the correct number of licences for the software services they are using. Many others struggle to identify what they already have.

Microsoft’s Client Access Licenses required to use Office, Window’s and their other services are prime examples of this. With companies like Microsoft frequently changing their licensing models, it makes it even more challenging for businesses to validate the compliancy of their existing licences.

The penalties for not having the right licensing are very real. Software vendors are increasing their number of compliance audits. More under licenced firms are facing fines.

Even if you are compliant, you could be like one of the many other businesses wasting £1000s annually on having too many licences for your needs.

Many firms are too busy to review their compliance status. Many more are overwhelmed by the complexities of trying to track and identify the correct licence types across their network. This situation is not helped by the fact that most businesses need much more than a piece of software to help them identify and build an effective licensing inventory.

Services are available which can help your business to become compliant. Our Intelligent Monitoring solution is a great example. This includes an asset management element, which will help keep track of your hardware, software and licensing and ensure your systems remain compliant.

This process is achieved through:

Scanning – employee workstations and servers on a network to track and identify what is installed and is being used.

Analysis – collecting and presenting data in a simple to use reporting format, which makes it easy to spot when licenses have expired or need renewing.

Ongoing monitoring – to keep track of any new licensing, hardware or software that is installed and alerting you of any anomalies that you need to resolve.

Asset management is just one of the many valuable services available with our Intelligent Monitoring solution. Through 24/7 remote monitoring and preventative and proactive actions, our Intelligent Monitoring service is designed to protect and ensure the smooth running of your IT and Telecoms network.

If you're unsure about anything to do with software licence compliancy or the potential costs to your business, talk to us about how our Intelligent Monitoring service could help you.

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