Take a quick paws on everything that's happening right now and read these purr-fect tips

Homeworking Tips from the PSU Pets

With the whole company currently working from home, we’ve found that our team has expanded significantly, with lots of PSU pets keen to get involved and help out. To keep them out of trouble, we tasked them with producing a list of top tips for working from home.

Snoop Catt - ERP & Business Systems Manager

Hi, Snoop Catt here. My top tip for homeworking is to try and create a nice working environment. I instructed my colleague Chris to set up a classy desk with a plant for me to attack when I need a break, and lasers to keep me occupied during conference calls. I think he delivered pretty well, though I’m finding the mouse quite distracting. I’d score his efforts 7/10.

Rio - Customer Contracts & Billing Coordinator

This is Rio, reporting for duty. Luckily I’m small so only need a tiny desk. My colleague Jodie is finding having her work phone at home really handy for when she needs to speak to customers or our other colleagues. The Telco guys have set it up so it’s connected to PSU’s phone system, which means all the extensions and call groups are working, and it’s just like being in the office. Something I wouldn’t know much about since I’ve never been invited there. Rude.

Cookie - Head of Marketing

Hi friends, I’m Cookie! My colleague Simon and I have been using Microsoft Teams to hold daily video catch-ups with the rest of the marketing team. We meet for a “beverage break” every day at 10am, and they say hello if they see me, which is great! Sometimes I do lots of good barks so they know I’m there. Seeing your work friends on Teams is great, but my top tip is to make sure your webcam is at the right height for your face so you don’t look funny. I’m only little so I need to climb up onto my desk so they can see me properly.

Sooty - 3rd Line Engineer

I’m Sooty - nice to meet you! My top homeworking tip is to find the comfiest, quietest place to work. This is something I’m naturally very good at, so I’ve been helping my colleague Adam to choose the purrfect spot. He started off at the table downstairs, but I deemed it unsuitable due to the busy location and proximity to small human assistants. He’s now moved his working space upstairs, and I’ve been busy carrying out daily inspections to ensure its ongoing suitability.

Chewie - Telco Engineer

Hello, my name’s Chewie! My colleague Steve is very busy at the moment, so I’ve been supervising him through the window. Steve is a Telco Engineer, so I’ve learned loads of top tips by watching him work. The top thing I’ve discovered is that there are loads of different ways he can connect people to their work phone systems from home – some people use IP phones, some have softphones (they’re not as soft as me though), and some use mobile apps. Other people divert their phones to their mobiles which looks fun too.

Rolo - Account Manager

Rolo here, taking a break on my favourite bench! My homeworking tip is to take a break outside each day and feel the sunshine on your fur. My colleague Colin has been using Teams to communicate with everyone. Sometimes he does a video, sometimes he talks at it, and sometimes he types. My mum’s working from home too but her company doesn’t have anything like Teams so she spends all day on her mobile. She seems a lot more stressed than Colin, even though she gets to use the desk and he’s stuck working on the sofa...

Wendy - Internal Account Manager

Wassup? I’m Wendy! I’ve been helping my colleague Yasmin talk to lots of customers and help them out with their homeworking. My top tip is to make sure your work is backed up properly. I’ve overheard Yasmin talking to people who have only been saving things locally while working from home, which means it’s not all backed up and compliant. As a cat who enjoys walking all over keyboards, I can see the benefits of having all your work backed up.

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