Managed IaaS may offer the perfect solution

IT infrastructure: Is CapEx a good investment?

Are you looking at ways to streamline your IT expenditure and reduce business costs?

Your data storage, network, servers and operating systems are substantial purchases, so when they’re old or need replacing, should you make another large investment?

With expensive equipment only depreciating in value, an OpEx approach to your IT infrastructure is often a better financial decision than CapEx, and will enable you to benefit from the latest technology without the cost of ongoing maintenance and upgrades.

It’s time to migrate to a hosted solution to ensure you benefit from the most up-to-date infrastructure without needing to make the up-front capital investment.

A move towards OpEx as-a-Service models

Subscription models are now the norm across all aspects of life, from Netflix and Spotify at home, to Microsoft 365 and a plethora of “aaS” options in the office.

This shift from ownership to subscriptions (or CapEx to OpEx) has enabled businesses to ensure financial certainty, remove the headache of unexpected running costs, and avoid the burden of infrastructure that begins decreasing in value as soon as the investment is made.

So what about your IT infrastructure?

Infrastructure-as-a-Service is a well-established option which removes the financial pressure of hosting your own IT infrastructure.

PSU’s Reliance 2 solution is Managed Iaas, which provides even more value by not only hosting but also managing your infrastructure, including operating systems, with clear, known costs.

Whilst helping you to manage your finances, this also means that your IT team can focus on advancing other key projects rather spending time than firefighting and keeping systems up to date. 

Reliance 2
How Reliance 2 Managed IaaS fits in the aaS models

Financial certainty during difficult times

As the UK enters yet another recession courtesy of COVID-19, moving away from CapEx towards OpEx for your IT is a sensible and straightforward way to provide additional financial certainty for your business and remove financial risk. It will also improve cash flow, enabling investment in other areas of your business.

Not only that, but a move to Reliance 2’s managed infrastructure solution can also reduce security risks and help avoid the risk of associated unexpected expenditure and business downtime.

Moving to an OpEx model makes it easier to fund multiple investments in your IT without tying up cash in large up-front expenditures. This will help enable your business to stay competitive in tough trading conditions by giving you access to the latest technology solutions to drive revenue and business growth.

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Managed IaaS - Reliance 2
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