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Grow with the scalability of MiCloud Office

Scalable communications are essential if you’re planning growth, already growing, or frequently experience demand surges for your products or services.

With the ability to ramp up your communications resources and respond more quickly to changing call volumes, easily expandable telephone systems help you to better manage growth.

Is your phone system stalling your growth?

Is it slow and complex for you to set up new user accounts? Or difficult and expensive to add new handsets?

Maybe you’re a fast growing business with multiple products or services.    

Could you scale up telephone system resources quickly enough, if demand flew of the shelf?

Remove these hold ups with the MiCloud Office.

Scalable. Cloud-based. Cost efficient. The MiCloud Office ticks all the boxes as your business growth solution.

MiCloud Office delivers the scalability you need

Swiftly add new users, handsets or licenses – respond quicker to new opportunities or changes in demand with everything deployed centrally on an agile cloud platform.

Make changes from anywhere – with the over the air deployment feature on the MiCloud Office hosted phone system. It’s now quick & simple to add, upgrade and provision services, users & devices across your network, from any location. 

Grow faster with cost-efficient, on-demand resources – compared with the traditional capital expenditure approach of financing a telephone system, the cloud operational expenditure model is better equipped to supporting growth. Easily increase your resources and only pay for what you need & use. And waste no more time, resources and money on capital you may under use.

Compete more effectively with the latest communication tools – communication features on the MiCloud Office cloud telephone solution are continually updating. So you’ll always have the best tools available to support and take your business forward.  

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