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Phone system maintenance is not always just about fixing the big things.

When you think of 'Mitel Maintenance' or 'Mitel Phone System Support' your first thought is probably your main PBX. But there are many more day to day things that keep you connected and communicating from software support to help with managing your lines.

Here's some of the frequently asked questions that we get from our Mitel Maintenance customers:

I can’t hear anyone when I pick up the phone

Your handset’s probably stuck in headset mode. It’s simple to resolve by dialling 317 for the Headset menu, where you can turn it off.

There’s crackling on my call

Often this is caused by static and most likely the result of a damaged handset cord. If wriggling the curly cord on your handset causes more static, try swapping or replacing it with another one. 

My phone’s stuck on speaker

The most likely cause is your handset is in Handsfree Mode. You can set it to Off by Dialling 377 for the Ring Intercom Always feature. 

I can’t receive hunt group calls

If calls coming into your department are not reaching your phone, it’s quick & easy to get your handset back into the group. Just dial 324 for the Hunt Group menu.

The flashing message light on my handset won't clear

This is simple to fix. With your handset receiver down, press the message symbol among the feature buttons on the front of your phone and then press the * button.

How do I login to a hotdesk phone?

If you’ve a Hot Desk profile it’s easy to login to a phone by dialling 348 and inputting your extension number, which will download your own personal configuration settings You can use the same code to log out of any handset.

How can I add new extensions to my hunt group?

This requires specialist engineering expertise. Contact us for support.

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Whatever your support needs, our Mitel Phone System Maintenance can help your business communicate better.

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