News Round-Up 15 March 2019

Welcome to the weekly news round-up from our marketing team, featuring highlights from inside our business and the broader industry. 

Industry news

Pi Day

As the world celebrated Pi Day yesterday, news came that Google employee Emma Haruka Iwao has set a new world record by using the company’s cloud computing service to calculate pi to 31 trillion digits, smashing the previous record of a measly 22 trillion. This amazing feat took 25 virtual machines 121 days to complete, using 170TB of data. 

A long week for Facebook

it’s been yet another rough week for Facebook, with a huge outage across all its platforms on Wednesday. This was followed by news of the resignation of the company’s chief product officer and head of WhatsApp just a week after Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement about his privacy-related future plans for the messaging platforms.

Racing tech

Race Week has been in full swing here in Cheltenham, but how has technology influenced the sport? This article outlines a number of ways in which innovations in technology have reshaped horse racing, including training techniques, health monitoring and injury treatment.

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Neil passes CMNO training

Following the completion of a training course, 3rd line engineer Neil successfully passed his CMNO (Certified Meraki Networking Operator) exam - congrats, Neil!

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