News Round-Up 20 Sept 2019

Welcome to the weekly news round-up from our marketing team, featuring highlights from inside our business and the broader industry. 

Industry news

Huawei launches Google-free phones (sort of)

Huawei has launched its latest smartphones without the usual pre-installed Google apps, but has been able to use the latest Android 10 operating system, thanks to it being open source and therefore not subject to the US ban.

Microsoft has also been in the news calling for an end to the ban on American companies supplying their software to Huawei, saying a “digital Iron Curtain down the Pacific Ocean” would be a mistake.

4G is still a thing

With all the hype about 5G, it’s easy to forget about 4G. However, 4G is set to remain a big deal for many years yet, and Three have been busy improving their 4G network by rolling out L-band spectrum across their infrastructure.

Amazon makes climate pledge

With zillions of people around the word taking part in today’s climate strike, Jeff Bezos has promised to make Amazon carbon neutral. By 2040. That’s over 20 years away. Good to know he’s ambitious about it… 

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Service desk news

The team tackled 3 outages at different customers this week, and got another customer's remote users back online following a problem with their VPN. 

Staff news

Subasi from our telco team celebrated his 4-year work anniversary this week. Congratulations, Subasi!

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