News Round-Up 25 Oct 2019

Welcome to the weekly news round-up from our marketing team, featuring highlights from inside our business and the broader industry. 

Industry news

Phone skin

Just in time for Halloween next week, today’s first delightful story is about a product only the most ghoulish of people would want. Giving a whole new meaning to the concept, a team at Telecom Paris have invented a deeply disturbing phone skin made of actual fake skin. And the reason for creating this horror? “I wanted to pinch my phone,” said the perfectly normal, well-balanced individual in charge of the project. Ah, well in which case, do carry on. 

Quantum supremacy

Google have claimed “quantum supremacy” this week in a paper confirming that the Sycamore chip in their quantum computer has solved a maths problem in 200 seconds which the world’s fastest supercomputer would take over 10,000 years to achieve. IBM have come out fighting in response, saying that rather than 10,000 years, a timeline of 2.5 days would be more accurate. But either way, 200 seconds is better, right? 


US researchers have discovered that learning to drive helps rats feel less stressed. The experiment involved teaching a team of intrepid rats to drive tiny cars, with ones living in a more stimulating environment learning better than ones raised in lab cages. They also found that rats were happier when driving. And the video is ridiculously cute. 

The danger of Caroline Flack

And finally, a new report from McAfee has revealed the top celebrities to avoid searching for online if you want to avoid viruses and other threats. Topping the list of the most dangerous celebs to Google is Caroline Flack, whose name is linked to the most malicious websites. What an achievement.

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Service desk news

Two members of the team started at 6am yesterday, and worked for 10 hours on-site with a customer, rolling out a new workstation estate as well as upgrading all existing Windows 7 devices to Windows 10. They were joined by the customer's account manager, who was on had to offer moral support and ensure the customer was happy! They finally got home at 10pm.

Staff news

Congratulations to Adam and Robert who both completed ITIL 4 Foundation training and passed their exams this week!

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