News Round-Up 27 Sept 2019

Welcome to the weekly news round-up from our marketing team, featuring highlights from inside our business and the broader industry. 

Industry news

On the big screen

Xiaomi has released a smartphone with a 180% screen to body ratio. The Mi Mix Alpha’s screen wraps around the entire phone, with just a small strip left free on the back for the camera. It’s being released as a limited edition, presumably because nobody can quite work out if the idea is brilliant or mad. 

Amazon announcements

Amazon has made a number of announcements, including a wide range of new products and a “Certified for Humans” programme which highlights smart devices which meet a number of criteria for being easy to set up. New products include the Echo Flex smart speaker, which looks like a plug-in air freshener, and the Echo Loop which is a plastic-looking ring for your finger, guaranteed to make you look utterly daft when answering a call on it.

Reunion tour

First the Spice Girls announced their reunion, then McFly, and now… GandCrab! Yes, the rumours are true! Totally dodgy hacker group GandCrab are apparently back and producing some absolutely bangin’ new ransomware. So far they’ve been touring various dental practices and Texas municipalities, but it sounds like a world tour is on the cards.

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Service desk news

The team have helped resolve configuration issues, outages and line faults for different customers this week. Our telco team also spent last weekend in Great Yarmouth, upgrading a customer's phone system. They then remained on site on Monday to provide support.

Staff news

A warm welcome to Lucas, who joined our service desk team this week as a 1st line engineer.

And congratulations to our content marketer Caz, who celebrated her 2-year work anniversary on Wednesday!

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