News Round-Up 30 Aug 2019

Welcome to the weekly news round-up from our marketing team, featuring highlights from inside our business and the broader industry. 

Industry news


The BBC have announced plans to launch a digital voice assistant next year, taking on existing rivals Alexa and Google Assistant. The device has a current working title of “Beeb”, but this will probably change, as a single-syllable command word is unlikely to be a reliable option. “Beeeeeeeeb?”

NATO vs cyber-attacks

NATO are considering incorporating cyber threats into Article 5 of the NATO treaty, which would then view a cyber-attack on a single member as an attack on all 29 members, triggering a combined response. It’s a little unclear how cyber warfare would fit in with NATO’s traditional military alliance structure, and there are questions over the scale and nature of attack which would be required in order to trigger a NATO response. Discussions on this date back to 2014, so there’s clearly still some uncertainty over specifics.

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Service desk news

This week, the team worked to get a customer's three sites back online quickly after an unexpected outage, and also resolved some email problems for another customer.

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