News Round-Up 5 April 2019

Welcome to the weekly news round-up from our marketing team, featuring highlights from inside our business and the broader industry. 

Industry news

Google disbands AI ethics board

Just 10 days after all the fanfare of Google’s AI ethics board launch, it’s been announced that ATEAC is already being disbanded. This follows backlash from both Google employees and the wider public on the inclusion of a board member with controversial views on LGBTQ and climate change. 

Google+ shutdown

In other Google news, the search giant’s complete flop of a social network has finally bitten the dust this week, having failed to get off the ground following its launch back in 2011. The official shutdown process for Google+ began on Tuesday, spurred on by two major data breaches last year which seem to have been the final nail in the coffin for the ill-fated platform. 

US and South Korea launch 5G networks

The US and South Korea have both launched 5G networks this week, with Verizon in the US moving their planned launch forward by a week in order to beat South Korea by just one day. Very mature. In reality, the 5G is only available in limited geographical areas as is patchy at best. Combine that with the fact that very few 5G phones are on the market, let alone owned by people, and the whole thing is not overly impressive just yet.  

Survey reveals attacks affect 90% of critical infrastructure

A survey of cyber security professionals in critical infrastructure sectors has revealed that 90% have been hit by a successful cyber-attack in the last 2 years. Respondents were from 6 countries including the UK, and the report found that the scale of the problem was actually larger and more concerning than first thought, as many attacks had been kept secret for security reasons.

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Service desk news

Our service desk have been busy this week, with tickets including fixing DNS problems and hunting down malware on sluggish machines. The team have also tackled slow network issues for one customer, and carried out new software installs for another. 

New starter

A warm welcome to Matt who has joined our 3rd line this week as an infrastructure engineer. With extensive Microsoft experience, he brings significant expertise to the team. Fun fact about Matt: he’s taking a sabbatical at the end of this year to sail across the Atlantic! 

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