News Round-Up 6 Sept 2019

Welcome to the weekly news round-up from our marketing team, featuring highlights from inside our business and the broader industry. 

Industry news

Yahoo boo-boo

Yahoo experienced a global outage yesterday, affecting users worldwide for over 7 hours. As well as Yahoo users, customers of Sky, BT and TalkTalk were also affected, as these companies all use Yahoo Mail to power their email services. The fault was apparently caused by “a technical issue related to a DNS error”. 

Twitter founder hacked

Despite there being plenty of Facebook drama this week (including data leaks, anti-trust investigations and other such nonsense), we're going to give poor Zuck a miss and instead talk about Jack Dorsey. The Twitter founder has had an unfortunate week, in which his account was hacked via the little-used Tweet via SMS function, with a selection of undesirable content posted from his account when hackers stole his phone number. Unsurprisingly, Twitter have now turned that feature off.  

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Service desk news

The service desk team helped diagnose a line fault for a customer, and have been working with another customer to move their payroll over to a new datacentre. 

Meanwhile, our telco engineers have been out and about all over the country this week, supporting customers and fixing issues. They even spent a couple of nights in university accommodation while working on one particularly time-consuming job!

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