News Round-Up 8 Nov 2019

Welcome to the weekly news round-up from our marketing team, featuring highlights from inside our business and the broader industry. 

Industry news

Lose a day, gain 40%

Microsoft Japan has announced the findings of its 4-day week trial which took place over the summer. It found that productivity increased by 40%, which was mainly attributed to staff reducing the number and length of meetings held. The environment also benefited from 23% less energy use and 58% fewer pages printed. 

Not so secure security

Proving that even the best security is no match for a rogue employee, cyber-security company Trend Micro suffered a leak of 70,000 customers’ details courtesy of a money-grabbing member of staff. The leak became apparent when customers started receiving calls from scammers posing as Trend Micro. 

Wobbly toddler, steady robots

And finally, the secret’s out. Ever wondered how robots are designed to resist falling over? The boss of robotics company Boston Dynamics has admitted to nudging his 1-year-old daughter to make her wobble and fall over, to see how humans balance. 

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Service desk news

The team have been busy carrying out Windows 10 and RAM upgrades for customers this week, as well as resolving a line fault for another of our customers.

Staff news

Congratulations to Account Manager Nick and 2nd Line Engineer Luke, who both celebrated work anniversaries on 5th November. Nick's been with us for 7 years, while Luke is celebrating a year back at PSU, having worked for us previously too! 

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