Office 365 backup: why you need it

If your business uses Office 365, you may not have considered disaster recovery, as your data is safe and backed up in the cloud, right? Wrong.

Did you know that Microsoft Office 365 isn’t backed up as standard?

This means that your emails, configurations, public folders, SharePoint and OneDrive data isn’t automatically recoverable. There is no independent copy of the data which can be used to restore your files and systems in the event of an emergency such as a cyber-attack (eg. ransomware) or accidental deletion.

Responsibility for data backup and recovery lies with you and your business, rather than with Microsoft, so it’s vital to ensure you have your own solution in place.

Increased risk

One of the great advantages of Office 365 is the collaborative environment it offers, with multiple users able to access and work on individual documents with ease. This, however, increases the risk of human error and accidental data deletion. 

Combine this with the ever-increasing risk of cyber-attacks, and it’s now more important than ever to ensure you have a robust backup and restore solution in place which you can use to ensure business continuity if needed.

The problem with policies

Office 365’s retention policies are complex, vary between services, and are always evolving, so implementing your own backup solution is often the best and most cost-effective way to reliably retain your data.

Protecting your cloud data is especially important as Office 365 only retains deleted information temporarily, with data not always recoverable after the expiry of the retention period. Plus, users don’t always have direct access to this data in order to easily restore it. 

What’s more, Office 365’s standard policies on data retention and recoverable items are often unlikely to be aligned with your company’s own corporate policies. You also need to consider industry regulations and standards regarding data storage, as Office 365 alone may not be fully compliant without having your own backup and restore solutions in place.

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Summary: 6 reasons you need Office 365 backup

  • Your Office 365 data is not backed up as standard.
  • Human error and cyber-attacks pose a risk to your business.
  • Office 365’s standard policies are unlikely to align with your own corporate data retention policies.
  • Office 365’s data policies may not meet your legal requirements or industry regulations.
  • Your business is responsible for its own data backup and recovery.
  • Implementing a separate backup solution is often the most cost-effective option.

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