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Office Move for the UK’s Best Large Recruitment Business

When moving offices, getting the right connectivity in place is one of the most critical considerations.

If you can’t connect to the internet, data centres and other offices from your first day, your operations and business can quickly grind to a halt.

As Meridian’s trusted technology partner since 2010, our connectivity expertise was invaluable when they recently relocated their head office to new premises.

Solving connectivity challenges to meet short and long term resilience

When the planned 3rd party carrier made sudden and unexpected add-on demands, inflating the price mid-project, we had to look for an alternative. Our status as an independent provider enabled us to quickly source an equivalent solution that actually delivered more.

To meet Meridian’s requirements and not hold up the move, we were able to innovate an effective interim solution that would also provide enhanced long term network resilience. We implemented a FTTC connection, a cost effective solution with sufficient performance for the short term. This then became Meridian's long term failover solution to their Ethernet connection when it went live.

As the UK's Best Large Recruitment Business*, Meridian is now housed in their new state of the art premises in Manchester, fully connected.

Helping businesses move with our technology expertise

Connectivity is just one of the many technology considerations you need to think about before you move.

Our expertise across the full technology mix of IT, Telecoms and Connectivity, has enabled us to provide the answers and successfully move customers across the UK.

Planning to Move Office?

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