Our HQ was flooded after heavy rain.

PSU Business Continuity in Action

You probably didn't realise it, but PSU's Business Continuity Plan was put into action at the end of June to stop a disaster becoming a problem.

Heavy weekend rain and a flood left one of the buildings at our Cheltenham headquarters uninhabitable. Our key engineering, service desk and project management teams were without their usual workspace.

We were prepared though. Our Business Continuity Plan and the way our IT & Telecoms systems are set up for our day-to-day operations meant that we were able to carry on working with minimal disruption and virtually no outward signs that a disaster had happened.

Emergency desks were set up in our second building, a bit more cosy than normal, but space for everybody. Phones were patched into the IP network and computers connected. Within 2 hours of the start of the working day on Monday morning, we were back running at full capacity.

People who didn't need to be in the office all the time - account managers, project managers, 3rd line engineers, designers - used their IP phones and connected to our networks from home. Always available to colleagues via phone, email and video or IM with Skype for Business, as per normal.

Repairs and refurbishment took over a month to complete, but we've kept up our high standards of service throughout. It's also given us an opportunity to re-organise and increase space for our growing business.

5 Questions you should ask your business

How much revenue does 1 hour of disruption cost?

Have you got a plan?

Have you planned for leaks, floods, fire or even losing access to power or the internet?

How quickly can you get back up and running?

How do your technology systems support your business continuity?

If you have got a plan - test it.

If you haven't got a plan - start with our blueprint.

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