Views on the world of service and keeping PSU at the top of the game.

Shaping the Service We Deliver for You

In the first of a series of conversations, Director of Service & Operations, Daniel Bridges gives his views on the world of service and keeping PSU at the top of the game.

In conversation with the marketing team, Daniel’s given his views on the world of service and keeping PSU at the top of the game.

Daniel, how do you see the landscape of service delivery?
Daniel Bridges

I think key to the whole landscape are the people. The skillset demands on today’s support staff are greater than ever before.

While traditionally there were fixed processes and skills for dealing with IT & telecommunications, the move of services to the application level has left support staff needing to develop a much wider breadth of knowledge to keep up.

Alongside this the Internet of Things (IoT) is already changing how we interact & exchange information. The unprecedented volume of ‘Big Data’ is fuelling the development of new services. And support staff are also having to contend with the rise of consumer/’grey’ IT in the workplace with trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).

Ultimately, as a service provider we always need to be adapting, so we can deal with incidents or mitigate security threats from these changes.

How is PSU adapting?

Simply put, we’re always looking for continuous improvement. It’s using increased customer insight, deploying more innovative systems and applying an almost entrepreneurial mindset to it all.

Daniel Bridges

Most service management is still reactive. At PSU, we use real-time data analysis, helping us to move us beyond the proactive & reactive to applying predictive & preventative maintenance.

With our remote monitoring & management solutions, we’re also innovating with self-healing automation, maintaining the health of customers’ networks, with remedial action and resolution, which starts before they are even aware of an issue.

Where do you see PSU now?

Overall, our quality & agility are already key differentiators. Our own strategy is to become even more customer centric. I’ve been out discussing their businesses with many of them to understand areas we can improve for them in the short-term and for the future.

We’re adapting by simplifying and improve our structure, processes & communication.

And for the future?

Ultimately, the service delivery of the future won’t just be about fixing issues or providing information on performance.  It will offer genuine real-time insight and value through the automation of services & even business decisions. To support customers, service providers will need to have the widest breadth of skills across the business technology mix.

PSU has a deep understanding of IT & Telecommunications. Compared to many providers, we’ve got the experience built up over our three decades of providing holistic solutions supported by cross functional teams.

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