Should I use Zoom for Video Conferencing? Security concerns

Published: 07 April 2020

We're currently seeing a number of news stories relating to security concerns around video conferencing app Zoom.

Published: 7 April 2020.

With the increase of homeworking, school closures and video calls, Zoom has become incredibly popular in a just few weeks (alongside other platforms), going from 10 to 200 million users. 

News articles are reporting that security researchers have significant concerns around its privacy and use of user data; schools in the US are banning it due to calls being hacked; and apparent ties to China are causing concern.

If you’re using Zoom for work calls, its worth being aware of the concerns. This article lists technical analysis of some of the recorded issues.  

Zoom have published a security page about their product, and reports are talking about how the company is focusing on making improvements.

Microsoft have also published details on their security levels.


At PSU, we’re using Microsoft Teams for video conferencing as part of our Office 365 suite.

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