With the ongoing growth of VoIP and continually eroding demand for traditional landline services, it's clear that SIP adoption is a mainstream option.

SIP - Move Now or Risk Falling Behind

It's simpler and much faster to provision new lines with SIP and the technology offers many more business benefits.

Why move from ISDN TO SIP

Cost savings – compared with ISDN, SIP offers significant cost savings. Line rental is much more affordable and you have the option to deploy VoIP.

Flexibility – SIP trunks are much more adaptable. It's easy to add more when demand is high or reduce trunks during leaner times. You can even split calls to make your handling more efficient.

Control – from choosing how and where you want your calls delivered, to deciding which numbers you want to display on different calls – it's simpler to make the changes you need with SIP.

Business continuity – SIP trunks can help keep your services running in an emergency, by automatically re-routing your calls to a back up site.

Future proofed – transmitting voice and data over the same connection, SIP gives you the right network infrastructure to take advantage of the latest advances in cloud and hosted services.

Why the right SIP expertise is crucial

While there are many business benefits, it's important to obtain the right expertise if you are to experience the full value achievable with SIP technology.

Our SIP expertise was vital in getting communications back up and running again for one of our customers, after they'd received the wrong SIP solution from another supplier.

If you'd like to improve business efficiencies and cost savings by moving to the cloud, or need support with any other telephone system set up, talk to us about how we can help you.

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