Have you considered the advantages of a virtualised phone system?

Top 3 Reasons to Virtualise your Phone System

Unlike Mitel Office 250, Mitel MiVoice Business can be used in a virtual environment. But how could this help your business?

If you’re currently using an on-premise phone system, moving to a virtual environment is likely to offer a number of advantages. Here are our top 3.

Increased resilience

On-premise phone systems represent a single point of failure – if something goes wrong, you risk your whole phone system becoming unusable. In contrast, a virtual environment can include multiple servers, hard drives and power supplies, enabling you to build in any level of resilience. By moving to a virtual environment, your phone system therefore has greater protection against failures.

Business continuity

Due to their in-built resilience, virtual environments provide failover capability which can keep your phone system online and ensure business continuity in the case of a problem occurring. By using a virtual phone system you’ll therefore reduce the risk of downtime and loss of business in the event of a phone issue, enabling you to stay up and running. 

Reduced cost

Not only is a virtualised phone system likely to be more cost effective than an on-premise one, but its ability to ensure business continuity also reduces the financial cost to your business if it were to fail. You’ll also benefit from fewer setup costs and lower system maintenance costs than a traditional phone system. 

What next?

Our Mitel experts are on hand to advise you on how a virtualised MiVoice Business phone system could be used to meet your organisation’s specific requirements. Whether you already have a virtual environment in place or if you need one setting up from scratch, we’ll be happy to discuss the best option for your business and take care of all the details. 

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