Understanding Voice and Direct Routing in Teams

Microsoft Teams has become the hub of collaboration in Microsoft’s application suite for businesses.

As this has happened, one area that is increasingly under scrutiny is how voice, or call functionality, within the unified communications platform will integrate with your existing phone system. Part of the answer to this is Direct Routing.

What is Teams direct routing?

Direct routing in Teams is a hybrid voice solution which enables you to make calls via Teams using your own telephony provider.

Who is direct routing for?

If you use Office 365 and have a phone system, it’s for you. Direct routing is fully scalable, offering considerable flexibility for businesses of all sizes.

Why is it good for your business?

It enables you to continue using your existing SIP trunks (or PSTN if you haven’t upgraded to SIP yet) and phone system, while benefiting from cloud-based telephony via Teams, protecting your investments while benefiting from the convenience and range of features this offers.

By using your own carrier for inbound and outbound voice calls via Teams, you can save money by choosing the best deals while taking advantage of unified communications to improve communication and effective information-sharing within your organisation.

How does direct routing work?

Direct routing connects your SIP trunk to Office 365 via a Session Border Controller (SBC), enabling you to make and receive calls in Teams via your telephony provider. SBCs can be either physical or virtual, located on-premises or hosted.

You can also mix more than one direct routing vendor, so if you have different sites with different telephony providers, these can all continue to be used with no need to change.

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