Customer satisfaction also remained high, with an NPS of +76

Virtual audit sees PSU celebrating ISO 9001 success

May’s 6-monthly audit of our ISO 9001 accreditation saw us pass with flying colours once again, despite the entire process being held remotely.

Quality management system audit success

Given the choice of postponing or going ahead virtually, we knew our online working setup was strong enough to move the audit online with full confidence, so with just a few alterations to the audit plans, it went ahead as scheduled.

The auditor was very complimentary about the staff who were involved and, as ever, was very impressed with the business.

The audit proved that quality management is so ingrained into our processes that we remain fully compliant even when the entire business is working remotely – an achievement of which we are very proud.

It has actively demonstrated how we are able to maintain our high standards regardless of the situation in which we’re working, which is a real testament to our strong quality management system and dedicated staff.

Customer satisfaction remains high

As well as passing our quality audit, our NPS score for April was also +76 which remains in the “excellent” band, significantly above the industry average for customer satisfaction. This also demonstrates that our customer service levels remain high despite our teams currently working remotely. 

April's 2020 NPS and Customer Satisfaction

How do we use Net Promoter Score?

We measure customer satisfaction in line with the industry standard Net Promoter Score, which is designed to hold companies and employees accountable for the customer experience. It delivers real-time information which our team can then act upon to improve service.

All customers are sent service questionnaires upon the completion of a ticket, in which they are asked to rate their satisfaction and their likelihood of recommending PSU. Data from these is used to inform our ongoing service strategy and to produce our monthly NPS score.

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