Recognising the growing risk from storms and the importance of Business Continuity

Weather any Storm with Business Continuity

No matter where you’re located in the UK, your business could be at risk. Having the right business continuity plan that keeps your communications running is critical.

The storms Desmond, Eva and Frank have devastated areas of Cumbria and Scotland

Floods in Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Somerset, Devon, Dorset & Cornwall - the greatest January rainfall in Southern England since records began

The worst storm surge in 60 years along the coasts of Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk & Lincolnshire breaching sea defences with widespread flooding

Destruction from rare supercell thunderstorms cost small businesses in the North East regions of Cumbria, Tyneside and Northumberland £200 million

Severe flooding caused widespread disruption across the UK with Gloucestershire, Worcestershire, Oxfordshire and Yorkshire the hardest hit

Business continuity is one area that firms can still control

The plan needs to account for the varying severity of natural disasters, which could easily leave you unable to communicate for a day, week or much longer.

Another issue is that many businesses who have invested in disaster recovery have incorrectly located their backup solutions at the same site as their primary systems. This may offer protection from hardware failure, but it won’t help with natural disasters like flooding, fires or storm-related outages.

Look to the Clouds

Ironically, the cloud is the best place to be in a storm, offering a safe haven for your IT and communications. Employees with an internet connection can continue accessing essential unified communications (UC) such as their phone, email, IM, videoconferencing, collaborative apps from home, even if their office is underwater.

The cloud is often viewed as a way to reduce capital and operational expenditure, but its in-built disaster recovery features are also becoming more attractive to businesses.

This contrasts with an on-premise UC solution, which is costly to build and even more expensive to construct for two separate locations. A cloud-based UC service ensures business continuity during an emergency, offering you the same level of performance in the office, at home or out on the road.

By their very nature, natural disasters are impossible to predict. But you can mitigate the future risks to your company with the right plan.

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