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What is Microsoft 365? Clue: it’s not Office 365

While everyone and their dog is familiar with Office 365, it turns out that Microsoft 365 is much less well-known. It’s a great solution for a lot of businesses, so if it’s not yet on your radar, read on…

What is Microsoft 365?

Launched back in 2017, Microsoft 365 is a turnkey subscription solution which includes Windows 10 Pro, Office 365 and Enterprise Mobility + Security.

Microsoft 365 Business: designed for small to medium sized businesses with up to 300 users.

Microsoft 365 Enterprise: aimed at large businesses with over 300 users, with a choice of three tiers offering enhanced security features depending on users’ individual requirements.

How is it similar/different to Office 365?

Office 365 is a subscription plan that offers the full Office suite of programmes on a cloud platform accessible both online and on-premises. 

Businesses looking to implement Office 365 will typically also require Windows 10 Pro, so Microsoft 365 offers an integrated solution which, as well as Office 365, also includes the most up to date operating system with accompanying security and device management. 

The OPEX model makes it easy to fund and roll out the service to all users, as it avoids up-front cost and bundles everything required into a straightforward subscription.

The interconnected nature of Microsoft 365 is well-suited to businesses looking for an integrated package which offers a complete solution for improving productivity and collaboration, with a simple, easy to manage package.

Who’s it for?

In a nutshell, it’s suitable for pretty much any organisation. But it’s worth particular consideration at the moment if you’re still using Windows 7. With extended support for Windows 7 ending in January 2020, any businesses still using it are at risk of security threats, viruses and costly vulnerabilities.  

If you’re already on Office 365, you can upgrade to Microsoft 365. Likewise, you can take out a Microsoft 365 plan from scratch if you don’t currently have any existing Microsoft subscriptions.

What are the advantages of Microsoft 365?

  • The subscription model gives you access to always up-to-date versions without the large capital outlay traditionally involved with purchasing Windows or Office.
  • All workstations and devices can affordably be upgraded at once, rather than needing to prioritise.
  • The package model simplifies the implementation process and ensures all users have a complete bundle of everything they need.
  • Licences can cover multiple devices per user, including PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones. The device management and app protection features also help support BYOD policies.
  • Access to the latest versions removes the risks and inefficiency associated with using outdated systems and programmes, improving productivity and security.

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