Some thoughts on where we are now and what needs to be looked at next.

What’s next?

Published: 07 April 2020

Looking back to 2019’s Quarter 4, we thought that some of our key areas of thinking for 2020 would be around Windows 7 & Windows Server 2008 upgrades, office moves, new phone systems and adding resilience to your systems.

(Our What’s your Next Big Plan? guide covers these topics).

Things of course rapidly changed, and delivering business continuity solutions has become the biggest priority. PSU are, like many who can, 100% homeworking, making heavy use of Teams to see each other and share work as part of our Office365 usage (if you’re not using Teams already, talk to us about how it can help).

Externally, we’ve been meeting immediate requirements by setting up Mitel phone systems to work for businesses in various ways, including softphones, mobile re-directs and desk phones connected externally.

We’ve been helping customers source hardware such as laptops, delivering VPNs, and implementing SSL and 2FA solutions to help add security to their networks.


Customer feedback is suggesting our service has maintained its high standard in March, which is a great testament to all our teams, especially considering the increase in workload.

March 2020 NPS and Customer Satisfaction

So, what’s next?

As we move out of the immediate stage of the response, we have been considering additional aspects of the homeworking move for our customers, which are important but may not have been looked at so far. Viruses (the digital kind) and malware haven’t gone away, and homeworking could increase the exposure risks. It is therefore vitally important that security measures continue to be considered and managed.

Web Filtering

One aspect which we’ve already been helping customers with is web filtering to help protect their networks from threats. (We’re recommending a solution that has fast roll-out and will help give a 360 degree view of internet usage remotely).

Remote Management & Monitoring

With many customers utilising new hardware for homeworking, remote management and monitoring is especially important. Windows patching, third-party patching and driver updates will still need to happen.

Backup & Recovery

Increased homeworking means the increased likelihood of staff storing data, files and records outside the normal places, so backup and (the important aspect) recovery solutions need to be in place. It’s important to consider if all your network endpoints are being picked up. If something goes wrong and you need to recover, high speed recovery of the data is vital. Tape backups don’t deliver this. (Our recommended solution delivers recovery at brilliant speeds.)

As a reminder, Office365 doesn’t include backup, and Microsoft recommend implementing a third-party solution.

Mobile Device Management (MDM)

To get the job done, people will be turning to the devices they have to hand. Even if they're not company issued. This could create more vulnerabilities to your network if staff are accessing company apps or systems on their own devices. MDM solutions can add secure zones to help keep you protected.

Mobile Connectivity

Openreach have halted any new provision of ethernet connections at the moment. To help meet connectivity requirements in the meantime, mobile can provide a potential solution. (We can help get short-term connections set up, including static IP addresses).

As you consider what’s next for your business, take a look at some of our datasheets and guides below. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you.

Datasheets & Guides

Mobile Solutions
Mobile Solutions
Security - Web Filtering Solution
Security - Web Filtering Solution
Intelligent Monitoring Datasheet
Intelligent Monitoring  Datasheet
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