The mobile integration features offer a number of benefits to businesses

Why the Mitel 6900 series is the best yet for mobile integration

With the Mitel 6900 series of phones now available to use on MiVoice Office systems as well as MiVoice Business, it’s a good time to re-visit the key features of these flagship Mitel phones and look at how they could benefit your business.

Aside from being the most premium-spec phones in the Mitel range, the 6900 series phones offer a major advantage: mobile integration

This mobile integration via MobileLink is a standard feature on both the MiVoice 6930 and MiVoice 6940 IP Phones, and is also available on the MiVoice 6920 IP Phone via an add-on Bluetooth dongle.

So why is MobileLink so useful, and what other “mobile first” features do the Mitel 6920, 6930 and 6940 models offer?

Mobile calls via your desk phone

By offering advanced integration with mobile phone calls and apps, this range of phones provides a seamless user experience, negating the need to use your mobile while at your desk.

MobileLink allows your mobile to be paired directly with your 6900 series desk phone via Bluetooth, enabling calls from both devices to be handled from a single 6900 series phone. This means that calls coming in via your mobile can be answered on your desk phone, allowing you to benefit from the 6900 phones’ excellent HD audio quality, speaker capabilities and more comfortable ergonomics.

Mitel 6930 phone with mobile

HD audio on your desk phone AND mobile

Mitel’s high definition Hi-Q audio technology really makes these phones stand out from the crowd. It offers super clear audio via a corded or cordless voice-optimised handset, as well as an enhanced full-duplex HD speakerphone for when you need a hands-free option.

Mobile calls answered via a 6900 desk phone will also benefit from this improved audio quality compared to the mobile device.

Mitel 6940 on Desk

Mobile contact syncing

The other key MobileLink feature is the ability to sync your mobile contacts onto your 6900 series desk phone, putting all your contacts in one place alongside the integrated, searchable corporate directory.

If you use the hot desk function, your mobile contacts will sync when you’re logged in. If another user were to log in to your phone, those personal contacts would not be visible to them, and they would instead be able to sync their own contacts. This personalised level of mobile integration offers a simple, straightforward solution to save you time and improve efficiency, keeping all your contacts in one place.

Mobile contact syncing

Mobile-style interface

The 6900 series phones feature colour LCD displays, enabling you to see avatars and photo IDs on incoming calls, as well as call history, missed calls and other notifications, as you would on your mobile.

As with most mobiles, there is also a choice of ringtones for different types of call. Additionally, each 6900 model has a number of programmable personal keys, enabling you to further personalise your phone to suit your requirements.

Mobile-style interface

Mobile charging at your desk

The 6900 series’ simplicity and intuitive design is apparent again with the powered USB port which allows you to charge your mobile from your desk phone. This is yet another bonus which adds to the 6900 series’ overall thoughtful, mobile-integrated design.

Mitel 6940 on Desk with mobile
Mitel MiVoice 6900 Series Brochure

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