It's time to upgrade to Windows 10

Windows 7 End of Life

Windows 7 is reaching its end of life on 14th January 2020.

Mainstream support ended in January 2015, and it is currently in an extended support period in which only essential security fixes and updates are provided. 

In January 2020, this extended support will come to an end, and Windows 7 will no longer receive software and security updates, leaving users at risk of security threats and viruses.

What’s the risk?

Windows 7 is still running on around 40% of computers worldwide, many of which are in businesses and public-sector organisations. With the support deadline for Windows 7 fast approaching, it’s inevitable that hackers will be busy developing new malware ready to take advantage of machines left vulnerable after that date. 

To avoid a repeat of 2017’s WannaCry attack, which targeted organisations still using Windows XP long after its end of life, it’s strongly advised to upgrade your operating system before the January 2020 deadline. 

What are your options?

Upgrade to Windows 10

Migrating to Windows 10 will give you the latest Windows operating system via a straightforward upgrade process. It also offers a similar interface to Windows 7, making the adjustment pain-free for your users. 

Don’t be tempted by Windows 8 as a cheaper option, as it will be reaching its own end of life soon (and let’s face it, there’s a reason most people have forgotten Windows 8 even exists!).  

Upgrade to Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is an integrated solution which gives you access to Windows 10, Office 365, file storage, email and calendars, via a monthly subscription. It offers Business (up to 300 users) and Enterprise (over 300 users) packages to suit your requirements.

Consider your Workstations

Windows 7 will be 10 years old this year, so if your PCs are approaching a similar age, it’s now also time to look at replacing or upgrading them too. 

Windows 10 is a modern operating system with a number of additional features and advantages over Windows 7, so it may struggle to run on old workstations. It’s also important to replace old machines in order to benefit from faster, more powerful and secure modern options which will greatly benefit your organisation. 

Whether you’re looking at desktops, laptops or a mix, we can help you source the best, most cost-effective devices for your requirements.

Pay for Extended Security Updates

Microsoft have announced that Extended Security Updates will be available for Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise customers with volume licensing. This short-term option should only be used as a last resort to tide you over though, as it is payable per device, and the price will increase each year. 

This “extended-extended support” will also come to an end in January 2023, so having spent money on it, you’ll still ultimately need to upgrade. Unless it’s completely unavoidable, it’s therefore much more cost-effective to upgrade now and avoid this additional cost.

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