According to latest reports nearly 20% of UK businesses still rely on Windows XP.

Windows XP Migration a solid way forward for timber company

We've upgraded Price & Pierce Forest Products from the Windows XP to the Windows 7 platform, in a project which also involved us integrating their bespoke software.

Price & Pierce Forest Products use specialist accountancy software, which required us to work with third party suppliers in order to develop a solution, which would allow it to run on the new operating system.

In addition, we will also be working with the company’s Windows and Exchange server environments, upgrading them to a newer, more efficient virtualised platform.

We’ve been really pleased with the service we’ve received from PSU, who’ve worked with ourselves and the software company managing our bespoke accounts system, to ensure our migration went as smoothly as possible.

Janet Frommont of Price & Pierce Forest Products

According to latest reports nearly 20% of UK businesses still rely on Windows XP. The problem is particularly acute in the public sector, most notably healthcare, with all 35 NHS Trusts still using the platform. We’ve previously highlighted the XP problem and the risks to the British economy of businesses not upgrading.

About Price & Pierce

Price & Pierce Forest Products Ltd are major distributors of timber and panel products holding substantial stocks of timber in various UK ports and provide a just in time service for major UK merchant and retail groups.

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