Customer Satisfaction

Customer Satisfaction

We ask "How likely is it that you recommend PSU to a friend or colleague?"

Customer Satisfaction

Measuring customer satisfaction for continual improvement

Serious about service quality

Customer satisfaction is very important to us and we use the feedback we receive to measure and improve every aspect of what we do.

We are proud of our excellent Customer Satisfaction results, but are always looking to improve. It's why we ask all customers who contact our Service Desk to complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey that they receive when their issue has been resolved.

How does PSU measure customer feedback?

PSU Technology Group measures customer satisfaction in a similar way to the industry standard NetPromoter Score, or NPS® metric, which is designed to hold companies and employees accountable for how they treat customers. Its simplicity enables employees at all levels to engage with customer satisfaction, as it delivers real-time information which they can act upon to improve service and achieve results.

PSU NPS Score H1 2020

Compare that to some of the 2017 scores of big well known brands (Microsoft +34 and Dell +24) and you can see why we're proud of the feedback we get on our service.

NPS - how we work out the score

Service Review 2019

Service Review 2019

2019 saw us implement some exciting new changes in our service teams and the broader business. At the heart of these has been the roll-out of ConnectWise, which began early in the year. The implications of this new system can be seen across all areas of service and have led to steady improvements in service levels across the year.


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