Engineering & Network Operations Centre

Engineering & Network Operations Centre

Installing, Configuring, Fixing, Monitoring, Managing

Engineering & Network Operations Centre

An essential part of our managed service

Our Network Operations Centre (NOC) team is a critical part of our managed service - monitoring, maintaining and securing our customers’ networks.

Working closely with our 1st line support and 3rd line project implementation teams, the NOC helps ensure we consistently deliver high service performance levels.

Areas that the team manage include antivirus, security, vulnerability scanning, patching and backup management.

The NOC team carries out real-time monitoring and manages alert notifications. They also analyse historical data, performance graphs, service availability and trend reports. This allows them to proactively identify developing incidents or faults, before they impact service.

As part of our Intelligent Monitoring suite, the team uses tools based on industry leading technologies including Solarwinds N-able and Xymon’s Hobbit.

Dynamic Management

Alert monitoring means we can immediately escalate issues to an engineer for investigation and resolution.

With access to detailed network information, we can predict potential failures and monitor how performance is utilised across any customer environment.

Powerful reporting features enable us to provide comprehensive information to clients, if they need to know about any historical activities on their networks.

This detailed level of monitoring allows us to consistently deliver the service quality that our customers expect and we promised them in our agreed SLA.

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